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How do the vocabulary mind maps work?
How do the vocabulary mind maps work?
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Vocabulary mind maps are able to be done digitally or on paper in the student guide. 

When completing the mind maps digitally, students will match definitions to the vocabulary terms by dragging the vocab cards to the correct word to the right, and click 'Submit'. 

If any terms are incorrect, the text box will be in red. Students can submit as many tries as needed until all they are correct. When they get it right, the box will be turned into green. Once they’ve matched all terms, they're challenged to match terms to the correct place in a visual diagram. 

This is where deeper thinking comes in. They’ll use clues from the definitions and the image to figure out the correct placement of each term. Just like in Step 1, they’ll be able to try again if any are placed incorrectly.

Students can also use the completed mind map as a study guide.

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