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Using Mosa Mack with Google Classrooms
Using Mosa Mack with Google Classrooms

Single Sign On, Rostering through Google Classrooms, Posting Assignments to Google Classrooms

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Explore Mosa Mack's Google Integrations.

1. Roster From Google Classrooms

  1. Go to the "My Classrooms" page

  2. Click on "Action"

  3. Select "Import Students"

  4. Select the "Import from Google Classrooms" button

  5. Select the class you'd like to import.

  6. Press "Start."

7. Once your students are in your classroom, you can assign your lessons!

2. Assign Lessons to Google Classrooms

To assign lessons on Google Classrooms, go to 'Library', click the 'Library' tab and search for the unit you want to assign to Google Classroom.

When you find your unit, click the yellow 'Assign' icon that would take you to a pop up window to assign the lessons to your student and share it to Google Classroom.

Assign the lessons by clicking the boxes, click 'Done' and Click the icon to share to Google Classroom.

Create an announcement and include the link you'd like your students to access.

3. Google Single Sign On

You (and your students!) can click "Login with Google" to log in.

Have more questions about our Google Integrations? Send us a chat!


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