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Assign Lessons

You can assign lessons from many places!

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You can assign lessons from many pages! Including:

  • The Library Page

  • My Desk

  • Inside the Unit

  • My Classrooms 

Assigning Units from The Library Page

Step 1:  Go to the "Library" page
Step 2: Click the arrow.

Step 3. Click which lessons you'd like to assign to which classes. You can choose to assign all lessons or specific ones. Press "Done"

Step 4: You're done! You can choose to share this unit to Google Classrooms if you'd like, but you don't need to. When your students log into their accounts, they'll automatically see the lessons you've assigned.

Assigning Units from My Desk

Click the "More" button then the yellow "Assign" button. Then, follow steps 3-4 above.

Assigning Units from Inside the Unit

Step 1: Go to the unit you'd like to assign.
Step 2: On each page, you'll see a green "Assign" button.
Step 3: Click this button and follow the instructions above for step 3-4.

Assigning Units from My Classroom

Step 1: Click "Assign Units"
Step 2: Select the unit you'd like to assign.
Step 3: Click the save button.

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