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Adding co-teacher to teacher account
Adding co-teacher to teacher account

Need to add your co-teacher, or support teacher to your account?

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This article has been updated to allow classroom co-teachers and multiple co-teachers.

Invite co-teachers, support teachers or student teachers to help support your students. Co-teachers can grade work, assign work, and invite students.

How to Add Co-Teachers

  1. Go to "My Classrooms"

  2. Click the co-teacher icon to the left of the class you'd like to invite them to.

  3. If the co-teacher has already been added to your account: simply select their name.

  4. If they haven't yet been added to your account: click "Add co-teacher" and enter the co-teacher's email address. The co-teacher will be sent an email with the invitation. Once confirmed, the co-teacher will appear in the list of co-teachers for that class.

  5. To invite more co-teachers to that class or different classes, repeat steps 1-4.


Q1: As a co-teacher, can I be in multiple lead-teacher's classes?

A: Yes. Each lead teacher will send you an invitation. Once you accept, you will be added to the class they specify.

Q2: I am a lead teacher. I have 4 classes I want my co-teacher to join. Do I need to send them 4 separate invitations?

A: You can send them just one invitation. Once they accept, they will be added to your co-teacher list at which point you can select their name from the dropdown list.

Q3: If I am adding another lead teacher as a co-teacher, will they still have their own classes?

A: No. If you add another lead teacher, their classes will transfer to your account and once transferred, you need to add them as a co-teacher so they can gain access.


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