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5E Model of Science

Do you follow the 5E model? See how to with Mosa Mack Science

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The 5E's: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate 

(1) Engage: Mosa Mack first engages students with a quick mystery to capture their interest, providing an opportunity to express previous knowledge in a new context, all while giving them a foundation for what’s to come in the unit.

Where it’s found? Lesson 1: “The Solve”

(2) Explore: Grappling with the mystery, collaborating and describing their findings from their evidence, students dive deeper and develop concepts and skills through hands on activities and challenges.

Where it’s found? Lesson 2: The Make

(3) Explain: After exploring the phenomena presented in the mystery in Lesson 1, students demonstrate and develop their understanding through intentionally constructed, formative performance assessments guides.

Where it’s found? Lesson 2: The Make: Activities and Performance Tasks

(4) Elaborate: Students then apply what they have learned to a new situation, requiring they design a solution for a real world problem. Collaborating with peers,  they share ideas to develop a greater application of the skills acquired.

Where it’s found? Lesson 3: The Engineer

(5) Evaluate: Students review and reflect on their their new understandings and skills. In the final performance assessment, students evaluate the evidence that increased their understanding, synthesizing connections while extending their thinking through a design solution.

Where it’s found? Lesson 3: The Engineer performance tasks and self assessment rubrics

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