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Live Video Phenomena!

Where are they and how do I use them?

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We're thrilled to announce the addition of live video mysteries in our units. 

What units can I see these in?

You can see these mysteries in:

  • Atoms & Molecules: Why do substances that appear so similar, behave so different?

  • Biodiversity: Why is the once densely packed monarch population dying? And how could this impact the other organisms in the ecosystem?

  • Cells: How does a newt develop and how does that relate to pond scum?

  • Climate Change: Why is this polar bear in trouble?

  • Design Thinking: What allows the tallest tower in the world to stand?

  • Force and Motion: Why are cars and trucks in China mysteriously levitating?

  • Interactions of Body Systems: Could creating organs solve the organ shortage problem?

  • Mutations: Why are humans intentionally mutating animals? Just because we can, does that mean we should?

  • Photosynthesis: Caught on Camera! Why and how did a famous chef try to poison his neighbor's tree?

  • Plate Tectonics: In 2010, in the Chile’s Atacama Desert, construction crews discovered what is now known to be the largest collection of whale fossils anywhere in the world! How did fossils from whales, wind up in this hill?

  • Potential and Kinetic Energy: Can musicians fill an entire music video with potential and kinetic energy?

  • Scientific Method: How do we know if claims made in a commercial are true?

  • Selection & Adaptations: Why does one iguana look like a monster while the other looks like a cute pet?

  • States of Matter: How do these wood frogs manipulate freezing points to survive winter?

  • Thermal Energy: What does life look like through a thermal imaging camera?

  • Water Cycle: What is causing fish and trees to die in the Adirondacks and how could the water be to blame?

  • Waves: How is an illusionist tricking our eyes?

  • Weather: A storm barrels through Albany, New York. Could information from the radar help us predict what happens next?

Will you be releasing more?

Yes! And if you have requests for specific units, please reach out!

How do the lessons progress?

The live mysteries feature short videos with surprising phenomena. Though each is slightly different, the lessons tend to follow this structure:

  1. Students view the phenomenon and come up with an initial explanation. For example, they might see a video of vehicles that appear to be levitating. They make an initial hypothesis as to what is causing the phenomenon.

  2. Engage in a short hands-on discovery activity during which they try to either reproduce the phenomenon or a related phenomenon. Through this activity, they will discover a concept critical to unlocking the explanation to the initial video.

  3. Apply their knowledge from the activity to refine their explanation from the initial phenomenon in the video.

When Do I Use Them?

Use these in "Lesson 1: The Solve." You can choose to use this in addition to the animated mystery lesson or in place of the animated mystery. It's up to you! Note that if you choose to use both, each will have its own lesson plan and student guide.

Is there a recorded webinar I can view to learn more?

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