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Implementing Lesson 2 Remotely
Implementing Lesson 2 Remotely

When all students have devices

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This is lesson 2 of 3. To read lesson 1, click here.

1. PowerPoint Presentation

Do the PowerPoint during a virtual meeting with your students.

The presentation reviews information from lesson 1, direct teaches any new information and introduces your students to their challenge.

2. Lab Activity

Students will complete the lab activity. They can do this independently, or during a virtual meeting with you. They can input their data and observations directly into the tabs in Mosa Mack.

Tip: Student work automatically saves.

When they're done, they will press the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

3. Upload their Final Project

Students will select "Upload Project" 

4. Exit Ticket Questions

Finally, students will submit their exit ticket questions. You will receive a notification when the answers have been submitted. Read more information about grading

Great job! Students completed Lesson 2: The Make!

Where to next?

  • Assign or Hide Lesson 2 to your students (more here).

  • How do I grade work?

  • Take me to Lesson 3: The Engineer

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