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Creating Pre and Post Tests

Want to see how much your students improve? Assign them Pre Tests and Post Tests.

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Making Your Pre and Post Tests:

Create your pre-test. (Click here to review how to make tests)

  1. Hover over the arrow of the pre-test and assign it to your students. Press save.

  2. Find the test you want to duplicate for reassessment and click the 'Copy' icon. (A duplicate will automatically be done with the word "Copy").

  3. Rename your Test by clicking the 'Pencil' tool (beside the arrow). You can rename this test "Post Test"

4. Assign the test to your students by clicking 'Tests' or 'Classrooms' located at the

left sidebar of the Unit Overview Page.

5. Students need to complete the test and the teacher needs to grade it before

assigning a new test.

*Note: Although you may assign different tests to students, ONLY one (1) test at a time is allowed to be assigned for each student.

5. See all versions of their scores in your 'My Classrooms' page by selecting

“Student Work” and clicking the test grade/score.

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