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Using Mosa Mack with Amplify Science
Using Mosa Mack with Amplify Science
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How are teachers using Mosa Mack to enhance Amplify Science? We surveyed teachers to find out and compiled their most common responses here:

"I always introduce my unit with a Mosa Mack Phenomenon"

Mosa Mack phenomena are the best way to start units. They're more engaging than any other program I've seen and it leads in well to the beginning of the Amplify unit. This helps me get buy-in from the students. After the phenomenon, they're hooked.

"I assign the animated mystery as homework for students who need additional support"

Some of my students need extra help, but I don't want to give them a lecture-based video, so I'll assign the mystery, episode questions, and vocabulary manipulatives as homework throughout the week. This helps them look at the information from a new angle- and it helps that the information is presented in a different format.

"I give my kids who finish early the engineering challenge"

This is one of my favorite things to see. When the students are done with the engineering challenge, I let them present to the whole class. We have a really rich class discussion about applying knowledge that you gain in science to solve real world scenarios. My favorite was Design Thinking but they're all really good.

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